It’s been hectic, but we’re open for business!



It’s been a whirlwind of activity, but ever since we moved into our new office space at Liberty Place in Lancaster City in early July, we’ve been unpacking, painting, and gussying up the place for our next New Choices Career Development class that starts on Monday, Aug. 14.

And when I say we, I mean our Executive Director, Tricia Nabors, and her amazing band of friends, NC graduates, and NC Advisory Board members who came back to help with the move. Tricia will be writing a post soon to give props to the people who made the move into our new offices possible. We are incredibly grateful for their friendship, dedication, and time (like the day Tricia and two of her friends drove to Ikea in Philly and then came back to the office and assembled cabinets and furniture until 3 a.m!).

We are excited about the new location — it’s super handy for our students who live in the city as it is accessible by foot from most areas of town or by public transportation. It also provides lots of free parking with no time limit. While our last office on Manheim Pike was nice, this new location provides extra privacy for our students and is conveniently located above Career Link. The location will also attract more foot traffic from prospective students interested in our program.

So you see, it’s been a busy six weeks. But we are ready for our new class and all of the awesome things New Choices provides to women and men in the community!







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