We have foot traffic, but we need help!


One of the main reasons we moved from the Manheim Pike location to the new location at Liberty Place was to make our office accessible to everyone. Because the old location was off a busy road in a commercial district, many people were hesitant to drive or take the bus there. And walking along traffic-congested Manheim Pike would have been too dangerous. When the inquiries into our program dropped dramatically, we knew it was time to move (again!).

Our new home at Liberty Place, adjacent to Career Link, is terrific! We knew we hit a home run when, from day one, the foot traffic from graduates and prospective students increased tremendously as did the referrals from Career Link. That’s good news, but on some days the numbers of people dropping by without appointments can be overwhelming and challenging for Tricia to serve everyone at a high level.

So we have a favor to ask.

When you can, please make an appointment with Tricia before you come in. She will continue to have an open door policy, but it is important to remember she is often the only one in the office on most days. You can call her at 717-869-6363 or email her at newchoiceslancaster@gmail.com.

We really appreciate everyone’s patience as we work through the growing pains, but we promise to always serve our grads and students to the best of our ability!



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